Pharmaceutical and Consumer

The pharmaceutical sector distributes branded and generic drugs along with other pharmaceutical products to over 400 pharmacies and hospitals including The National Fealth Fund across Jamaica fulfilling both prescription and over-the-counter needs. At the core of our success is reaching proficiency in customer service and delivery. This is because we view ourselves as an extension of the success of every pharmacy/pharmacist in Jamaica. Notable brands include: Dr Reddy’s, Glenmark, Sun Pharmaceuticals, Poen, Ziotis, Remedica, Health2000, Almirall and Fitzroy.
The consumer side specializes in the marketing of personal care products for both adults and children to pharmacies, cosmetic stores, supermarkets, department stores and wholesalers.  The brands we distribute are Simple, Milton Lloyd, ColourMe Fragrances, Tudor Rose International, Lander, BodMan, Body Fantasies, Conair and Tiger Balm.